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ATD 2022- Here’s What We Learned!

Gustavo and Emily are back from sunny Orlando after attending the 2022 Association for Talent Development conference. It’s safe to say they had a blast - they partied with the penguins at SeaWorld, saw some pretty great keynote speakers, and networked with over 5500 colleagues in the Learning and Development space.

ATD’s tagline this year was People, Perspectives, and Potential. This couldn’t be more fitting with what we’ve learned while there - so what were some of our key takeaways?


People are at the heart of everything we do. We aim to make it fast and easy to translate your eLearning materials so you can speak the language of your learner. But we’ve heard that there can be many challenges in doing this that go past localizing your content for a multicultural audience. There are interactive elements, video and audio, animation, and output requirements such as SCORM that all need attention.

We heard that you want all of these elements in a fast and efficient manner. Well, that's where our end-to-end eLearning location solutions can come in to help - just send us your source files and their required languages and we’ll take it from there.


The Learning and Development space is continuously changing - and you won’t be able to adequately reach your learners if you’re not asking for feedback! It’s always a good practice to talk to everyone included in your eLearning content development process, from your head of HR to the instructional designer and the learners taking the course.


When we work together, our potential is unmatched. At Language Intelligence, we’re always eager to hear your thoughts, opinions, and suggestions on how to make our services meet your needs.

This is why we loved attending ATD2022- we were able to listen directly to our learning and training development peers and heard some great feedback. We’ll look to add more information about scalability, our pricing model, and our simple solutions to get you your translations fast, efficiently, and at an agreeable price point.

Did you attend ATD? If so, we’d love to hear some of your thoughts!


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