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Conquer Multilingual Surveys: Translating Alchemer Content with the Excel Export / Import Function

Want to reach a wider audience with your surveys? Alchemer, a popular survey platform, allows you to field surveys in multiple languages. But translating all that content within the platform can be time-consuming. This is where Alchemer's handy export/import feature with Excel comes in!

Here's how to translate your Alchemer survey content using Excel:

  1. Head to Text & Translations: Within Alchemer, navigate to "Tools" and then "Text & Translations."

  2. Download the Translation File: Under your default language selection, you'll see an option to "Export fields for Translations." Click this, and Alchemer will generate a downloadable file (usually an XLS format). This file contains all the survey elements that need translation, like question text and answer choices.

  3. Translate in Excel: Open the downloaded file in your favorite spreadsheet program (like Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets). The first column (A) will likely contain internal identifiers and the first row (row 1) will contain headers. Do not modify these! You'll find the survey content you need to translate in a designated column, typically named "Text" or "Translation."

  4. Fill in the Translations: Here comes the fun part! Replace the default text with your translations for each survey element. Ensure accuracy and consistency throughout the sheet.

  5. Import the Translated File: Back in Alchemer's "Text & Translations" section, click "Add Language" and choose your target language. Then, select "Import Translated Fields" and upload your completed spreadsheet. Alchemer will import your translations, and your survey will now be ready for your target audience!

Pro Tip: If you have a previously translated survey in Alchemer, you can leverage its content to expedite the process. Use the "Export fields for Translations" option on that survey to create a template, then simply replace the existing translations with your new target language in the downloaded file.

Translation Expertise + Alchemer's Power = Global Reach

While Alchemer streamlines the translation workflow, don't underestimate the importance of professional translation services. A qualified translator ensures not only linguistic accuracy but also cultural relevance for your target audience.

Partnering a translation company with your Alchemer proficiency creates a winning combination for achieving global survey success. Contact us today to discuss your multilingual survey translation needs!


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