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How We’re Different: Explaining the Details of Our eLearning Translation Services

Is every employee in your global workforce receiving the same level of training across the board? If you’re not sure, one way to gauge this is by analyzing what languages your training is in. Are they only in English? If so, do they cater to the language needs of every single learner? If not, we recommend translating all of your eLearning and training materials into the native languages of your employees.

It goes without saying that learners learn best when they have access to materials in their native language. That’s where our comprehensive eLearning translation services can help. Our Language Intelligence team will ensure your training materials are technically sound, culturally relevant, and contextually accurate. Here’s how.

We only use in-country, native-speakers

Language Intelligence has been using a documented ISO certification since 2009. Part of this certification requires that our linguists must all live in-country, and be native speakers of the language they’re translating. That’s because language is always changing! Native speakers understand the idiosyncrasies and nuances that come with language and are the best people to trust with providing up-to-date, precise translations to resonate with your learners.

We don’t just translate, we localize

There’s more to our eLearning translation services than just translating the content word for word. Instead, our comprehensive process includes localization, which is the adaptation of content to the culture of the target language. To do this, the linguist will take the unique cultural considerations of a specific locale into account, such as their history, societal preferences, and customs. The goal is to make the content feel natural and familiar to the reader.

Learn more about our eLearning translation and localization process.

We only work with linguists who are subject-matter experts

At Language Intelligence, we understand that not all translations are the same. We use this approach when choosing the right linguists for your project. Your dedicated project manager will choose a linguist who has specific experience translating eLearning and training materials, including being familiar with different authoring tools.

We will format your project properly

Your training materials are more than just words on a page. They’re part of a bigger meaning and message, one that may be compromised if your content is not translated and localized correctly. Once your training materials have gone through our two-step translation and editing process, the next step is to ensure your content looks professional and complete. Enter our multilingual desktop publishing services.

Multilingual desktop publishing is the process of converting and adapting content from one language to the other. Because not every language expresses the same idea in the same way, it is important to comb through your training materials once the translated content has been added in to see if they make sense. Details such as longer text, character-based languages, and even graphics that contain words need to be looked at carefully and formatted to fit in order to make sense to the reader.

Read on for more information about the importance of multilingual desktop publishing services for your eLearning translations.

We offer voice-overs, transcription, and subtitling

Do you need voice-overs and subtitles in addition to your translations? Let us coordinate these services so you don’t have to. Our team is able to provide:

  • a narration script,

  • subtitles,

  • closed captioning,

  • Voice samples so you can choose which voice-over talent to use.

Not sure if you need these extra details? During your onboarding, our project managers can help talk you through the process to decide.

Comprehensive eLearning Translations Are Only a Few Steps Away

Language Intelligence works hard to bring the above elements together while creating the best quality eLearning translations for you. We would love to talk more about our end-to-end eLearning translation services and how we can help you connect with learners all around the world, so contact us today!


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