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intellireview®- a Solution for Easy Translation Review

Our team at Language Intelligence developed the intellireview® platform to streamline the in-country review process. Here’s a quick intro to this tool, and how utilizing intellireview® will work to make your entire translation and localization workflow as smooth as possible.

First, what’s in-country review?

In-country review is a step in the translation and localization workflow where the translated material is given to a native speaker within your organization for translation feedback. The goal for this employee is to provide some specific insight into the marketing, branding, and tone used around your product and/or services. While the content will be first going through a two-step translation and editing process by our vetted linguists, in-country review allows for the internal employee to add some extra context and terminology around the brand.

It’s important to note that we see the in-country review process as a collaboration step, as we fully believe in the quality of the translated material when it is sent for your feedback. Instead, we are looking for your subject matter experts to offer their unique subject-matter expertise to make sure everything is appropriate and applicable to the target audience.

What is intellireview ®?

intellireview® is a cloud-based platform that streamlines the process of capturing your translation feedback while allowing for cross-team collaboration during in-country review. Here are some benefits:

Cloud-based and secure

We want your intellireview® experience to be as straightforward as possible, so there’s no need to download and install any additional software. You also won’t have to deal with software license limitations or file transfers. It’s simple - your localization project manager will give you a link to the cloud-based platform and you just log in for fast and secure access.

Automatically tracks all changes

No need to worry if your edits were made and saved - intellireview® will automatically track all changes, comments, and activity within the document. This means there won’t be any untracked edits, accidental rejections, or version issues when you send the file back and forth between your employee reviewer and our linguists. We’ll also handle the audit trail on our side, making it one less thing for you to worry about.

Simple and Saves Time

Intellireview® has multiple view options, making it easy to switch between the target and source language with the click of a button. The platform also automatically preserves formatting and display design, so you can review and approve changes in your native language. You won’t need to shuffle through email chains or multiple documents to find what you need - it’ll all be saved right in intellireview®, saving the hassle and the headache.

Provides a Constant Feedback Loop

Intentionally designed to be simple, intellireview® creates a constant feedback loop between your organization, our project managers, and linguists. Everything is saved directly in the platform, facilitating a constant feedback loop with the entire team.

Streamline your translation and localization process with intellireview®. Take advantage of intellireview®’s easy functionality, simple interface, and secure platform - get in touch with our team today to learn more!


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