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intellitranslate™ - a Smart Tool for Market Research Translation Projects

Make your translation prep easy with intellitranslate™.

We understand how preparing an XML survey file for translation can be a headache. Between sorting through rows and rows of survey code and trying to find the content you’re looking for, and then extracting rows of content you need to be translated, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. This process is time-consuming and leaves room for error.

Created to automate translation prep work, our proprietary software solution intellitranslate™ allows your team to easily extract just the survey content needed for translation while preserving all background programming. Once the translation is complete, intellitranslate™ will process the content back into the survey’s original format, which can be uploaded directly into the survey platform.

3 Benefits of intellitranslate™

1. Compatible With All Leading Market Research Survey Platforms

intellitranslate™ will work exactly where you need it to - this software works within all main market research platforms of Qualtrics, Decipher, Dimensions, and Confirmit.

And if you work within another survey platform, no worries! Our team will create a customized translation prep solution for you.

2. Preserve Programming

Preparing a survey file for translation is complex. Let intellitranslate™ do all the heavy lifting for you without risking breaking the programming code in the background. Intellitranslate™ allows you to read the survey file and extract only the respondent-facing text you need while keeping all your coding intact. Once the translation is complete, we’ll process the translated content into the file’s original format, eliminating the risk of coding errors.

3. Segmenting Demographic Information Where Needed

Fielding a survey in multiple markets requires extracting different portions of the survey in each language, to create accurate translations for each demographic. With ntellitranslate™, this can happen with the click of a button - you can easily choose which sections are translated in what language. Again, there’s no need to look for long strings of code to properly segment what you need!

As a result, we’ll only be working with the exact content you need, meaning we can deliver the translations faster and provide additional cost savings.

intellitranslate™ can be a valuable asset to your market research translation process, and we’d love to show you a demo of how this tool works. Get in touch today!


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