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Language Intelligence At A Glance [Guide to What We Do]

A quick guide to what we do and finding information on our site

We have been in the language business for over thirty years, and like most businesses, things have evolved over those years. This post offers a snapshot of our business as of May 2019.

We’ve included links to sections of our site that go into more detail, where applicable:

  1. We are a service business, not a product developer. We build software but it is for internal use and the use of our clients.

  2. We offer three principal services: Translation and localization, language learning and culture training, and interpreting.

  3. We specialize in business, consumer, and organizational translation, including Market Research Translation, eLearning and Training Translation, Manufacturing Translation, Life Sciences Translation, and Software and App Translation

  4. We do not have translators or interpreters on staff, though the majority of our employees are multilingual.

  5. We have translated over 100 languages in dozens of formats.

  6. We are full service: we can take a complex project like an eLearning course with many media elements, and translate it, including re-formatting and editing those formats to accommodate the target languages.

  7. We manage translation-related audio and video script transcription, voice-over recording and editing, and sub-title creation

  8. We are project managers

  9. We are not literary translators, though we may be able to refer you to one

  10. We offer desktop publishing (DTP or graphic design) services to ensure your translated content accurately retains its intended look and feel after translation

  11. Our workflows are supported by state of the art technology including translation memory, our project management platform intelliportal, our review platform intellireview, and machine translation

  12. We can connect directly to your system APIs via connectors. If we don’t have a connector for your system we will build one, based on scale of project flow

  13. We have software developers on staff for both development and project engineering of market research surveys, software string and UI  translation, and eLearning courseware. BTW, XML is always welcome here.

  14. We offer a free eBook explaining how the translation process works including terminology

  15. We have a documented and audited ISO 9001|2015 Quality Management System and translator vetting process

  16. We like our jobs.

  17. We respond to queries really fast and are happy to help you understand translation processes- contact us!


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