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The 5 Main Steps in Our eLearning Translation Workflow

Do you have eLearning content that needs translation? At Language Intelligence, we know that no two eLearning translation projects are the same. That’s why we spend the time to carefully go over the specs of your project, complete a source review of the material, and determine an appropriate workflow and timeline.

Our team will go the extra mile to create a customized workflow that is specific to your project’s needs, including utilizing our proprietary technology solutions, wherever needed. Here we explain the main steps in our eLearning translation workflow.

1. Source Review and Project Initiation

The customer initiates a new eLearning translation project by logging into intelliportal and filling out the request a quote form. Your dedicated Localization Project Manager will be notified that a project request has been made, and then they will complete a thorough source review of your eLearning material. They will scope the project and determine the best way to localize your content while ensuring your learning outcomes can be met. They’ll generate a cost and time estimate within the intelliportal® translation portal for your easy access.

Once the quote has been approved, your project manager will start to prep the project for translation and localization. This includes sourcing the right native-speaking linguist for your project based on their specific industry experience. We’ll also organize and maintain any translation memory, glossaries, and style guides for language customization and brand consistency.

2. Translation and Localization Services

Our translation and localization solutions combine technology with human expertise. Your project manager will work in tandem with two professional linguists who are native speakers of the target language and are experienced in creating eLearning content.

Each project starts with one linguist translating and localizing the material. After they are done, and for an additional quality step, the content will be reviewed and edited by a separate linguist. Your content will be reviewed by two separate linguists to ensure accurate and culturally-relevant translations, no matter the complexity or content type.

We will also coordinate any additional elements you need, including voice-overs, subtitles, and other narration texts, if needed.

It is our goal to provide you with fully localized projects on time, and with unparalleled accuracy, all while meeting your budget.

3. In-Country Review and Change Implementation with intellireview®

Quality assurance is very important to us and in-country collaboration is a great step for organizations that have internal, native-speaking employees. During this step, a native-speaker member of your team will take a look at the completed translated content and offer any suggestions in regard to company-specific messaging, tone of voice, and branding. The goal is for your team members to look for brand-specific nuances that may be missed by a linguist who isn’t a member of your organization.

You’ll receive the translated content in our proprietary cloud-based platform, intellireview®, by a secure link. intellireview® streamlines the process of capturing your translation feedback, which we can then send to the linguists for change implementation.

4. Integration

Your documents are more than just words on a page, and your learner outcomes may be compromised if your eLearning content is not localized correctly within its display format. Our multilingual desktop publishing team will integrate all additional elements such as voice-overs, audio recordings, subtitles, and interactive elements.

We will send the finished product to the linguist to perform linguistic quality assurance and online validation to be sure the content reads and performs appropriately in the target language.

5. Implementation

After the content is finalized, we will begin content testing for LMS integration. Most commonly this involves SCORM testing or a final review in Inkling or Rise.

After testing is done, we will send back your completed content, ready for global distribution.

Our team would love to talk to you more about how we can create a customized eLearning translation workflow to meet your goals and learner outcomes. Let’s chat more about how we can help - get in touch today!


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