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What is the Localization Maturity Model?

The localization maturity model was created by Common Sense Advisory Research as a way to measure an organization’s translation and localization knowledge and capabilities. Any business that uses translated content is somewhere on the localization maturity model. In order to scale your business and grow into new markets, it’s extremely important to understand where your organization stands within this localization curve.

Here’s a beginner’s guide to the localization maturity model and how your brand can increase your localization know-how.

Level 1: Reactive

If you are in this stage, you have a very basic knowledge of translation and localization. You understand that you will need translation and localization eventually, but you don’t have a specific process in place. Rather, you only react and come up with a solution when, and only when, the need arises. As a whole, your organization does not have a lot of experience dealing with localization services and any other multicultural needs.

Level 2: Repeatable

In this stage, the organization has some experience with professional translation services and has some general tools and processes in place. Your localization workflow has been rudimentary designed, documented, and employed when needed, and your team has specific guidelines to follow. Because these tasks are high-level generic business tasks, your team just repeats their process over and over again and they don’t have the bandwidth for more unique localization tasks.

Level 3: Managed

This is the pivoting point in the entire localization maturity scale. If your organization is at this stage, you have a detailed localization process that is catered to your specific business needs. All localization services are recognized and managed at an enterprise level, and you’ll have a separate game plan established for each of your locales.

Level 4: Optimized

At this stage, your organization has very clear, well-established localization services and processes set up. You’re able to take on and manage multiple localization tasks with finesse and you are confident that your translated materials will be a good jumping-off point when entering global markets.

Level 5: Transparent

When your organization has reached this stage, you are living and breathing localization and it is at the forefront of everything that you do. Your company is doing everything with a global vision in mind, including working hand in hand with your professional translation services provider.

So how can your business move up the localization maturity model?

That’s where Language Intelligence comes in! No matter your level of localization maturity, we can help you communicate with your customers when entering different global markets.

There are a few things we can help you with:

  • Assessing your organization’s current translation culture. When doing this, look into how your company makes decisions about adopting new processes, including localization services. Having a good starting point is pivotal in understanding where to go from here.

  • Evaluating the data. Do you have any successes when it comes to your translated content? These can lay the groundwork for why your company should invest in more localization services. If you need assistance with this, our team would love to help!

  • Creating a dedicated, customized translation and localization solution just for you. As your trusted language service provider, we are here to offer our expertise in all things localization. We have spent the past 30 years honing in on our localization specializations and our team of in-house project managers can create a solution just for you, no matter your goals.

Understanding your position on the localization maturity model is incredibly important when choosing to enter new global markets. No matter the stage you’re in of the localization maturity model, we’re able to help you. Get in touch with Language Intelligence to learn more about our professional translation services, today!


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