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Medical Device Translations for EU MDR Compliance

All medical devices must abide by the new EU MDR standard by May 2024.

Our medical device translation services will help your organization meet the challenges of evolving European Union regulations.


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Broad Expertise

Medically Precise Translations for Multilingual Success

Online Medical Consultant

Regulated life science communication and certified translations to achieve  high-quality translations and end-to-end language solutions.

Image by National Cancer Institute

When paired with our advanced translation technology, our team can localize and translate multiple medical device content types to expand your global reach. 

Paramedic Filling a Questionnaire

ISO-Certified Translation Quality Management to provide supply chain transparency and to meet compliance and regulatory requirements.

Language Intelligence Case Study 

31 IFUs, 62 linguists, multilingual formatting considerations. 

Learn more about Language Intelligence's partnership with a world leader in contact lens manufacturing as they prepare for the updated EU MDR compliance requirements.


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Ophthalmic Device IFU Translation

Translation Considerations for EU MDR

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