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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Gendered Languages Around the World

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are fundamental aspects of modern society, with language playing a crucial role in promoting these values.


However, many cultures and gendered languages around the world still present significant challenges when creating an inclusive environment for all. 

We hope this eBook will educate and spread awareness about the current cultural conversations about diversity, equity, and inclusion on a global scale. 


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Topics Covered in This eBook

Global DEI, Explained

  • What is Global DEI?

  • Understanding the growing global need for DEI in the workplace.

Gendered Language

  • How is gendered language used around the world?

  • The differences between grammatical gender and natural gender

  • What is the connection between language and culture in DEI?

DEI By Region

  • Learn about the progression of DEI by region around the world.

Gender Identity

  • Understanding the gender spectrum

  • Pronouns

  • The multiple facets of gender identity

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