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Delivering Corporate Training To Global Audiences [Case Study]

Whether it’s eLearning, in-person, or text courses, comprehensive eLearning translation services is critical to delivering effective learning

Note: Due to non-disclosure agreements with all parties we are unable to show the names or companies involved. The confidentiality of our clients’ content is of the utmost importance to us.

Our client, an adaptive eLearning company based in Scandinavia, was tasked with delivering corporate training to a major Asian manufacturer of electronics. The manufacturer has over 20,000 employees across the globe and delivers thousands of trainings each year in multiple languages. The translation challenges in these projects are not insignificant.

The training needed to be localized while maintaining its intent and functionality

Adaptive learning is a threaded process where the course evaluates your knowledge level as you progress through a series of questions that ‘tell’ the course whether you actually know the subject, think you know the subject, or don’t understand the subject. Based on the answers to these questions, learning content is tailored to the knowledge level of the subject. The content is delivered with proprietary courseware designed to support these adaptive learning processes.

Translation and localization of these unique projects represents a different kind of language challenge. Formatting must be preserved through the process and disparate elements like video, quizzes, animated slides, etc. have to stay in context. Add in a significant number of languages across multiple courses and you have a complex project management issue.

A highly integrated end to end process and workflow

We are developing an extensive portfolio of Learning and training translation projects for some of the largest learning and development companies in the world. Most of these companies are developing learning for their clients with subjects ranging from sales, to safety, and HR training. Our processes are focused on knowing the training developer’s methodology and working with that workflow as an extension to their processes. The experience should be relatively seamless, with each course and language ready for delivery to the learners when we complete the translations. Our success metric is the customer experience: Did we make the process better or are we just one more headache aspect of the process?

Long term repeat business indicates success for all three parties

In eLearning and training globalization projects it is not unusual to have multiple parties involved. The training developer, their client, our translation and review teams, our multilingual desktop publishing designers, video and audio editing teams, and our Project Managers who keep it all together. These linguists are at the core of our business and our clients interact directly with the people managing their projects (no sales layer). We utilize software and machine translation tools that help with project organization, elimination of redundant translation, quality management, and multi-party review processes.

Our familiarity with this client’s workflows and authoring environment, along with customer satisfaction on the part of their clients, has led to a steady flow of projects across many languages. This is the case with most, if not all, of our eLearning and training translation clients: mutually beneficial partnerships to help deliver training across borders and language barriers.

Here’s the response from the end client’s global learning project manager regarding working with Language Intelligence :

“It was truly a pleasure working with you. You always kept us updated with the project status, always met the timelines and kept us informed of any changes that came up in the schedule. It was a huge project involving 5 very large individual projects with multiple files for each project. You handled it all seamlessly. It truly felt like we were one team. The project was a success, big thanks to you and your team. If I had to provide an NPS score, mine would be a 10 out of 10”


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