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Our Human-Centered eLearning Translation Process

Humans are at the center of everything we do at Language Intelligence. After all, the relationship between humans and languages is so deeply interwoven that it is impossible to have one without the other.

Because of that, it is our goal to provide human-centered, customized eLearning translation services to help you engage with your global learners. While translation automation surely is important, we believe fully that quality translation and localization can only come from a human-centered workflow. Considering that localization is the adaptation of content to the target language’s culture, humans are needed to understand the idiosyncrasies of language that translation technology cannot grasp.

We have built our eLearning translation workflow to have human touchpoints at every stage of the process. Here’s a quick breakdown of how our team will work to create precise, accurate translations to help meet your learner outcomes.

intelliportalⓇ keeps the details of your projects right at your fingertips.

It shouldn’t be a hassle to keep all the details of your eLearning translation project together. So that’s why we developed intelliportalⓇ, a platform that works to streamline all of your project details in one place. You’ll have instant, real-time access to all the details of your project with the click of a button.

All you’ll have to do is kick off your project by logging into the intelliportal® translation portal to initiate a project quote. Your dedicated project manager will then be notified and they’ll start things on their end.

Your dedicated, in-house localization project manager is your resource for all things Language Intelligence.

We know that no two eLearning translation projects are the same, so that’s why your localization project manager will take the time to carefully go over the specs of your project at the start. They’ll complete a source review of the material and determine an appropriate workflow and timeline. They’ll then create a customized eLearning translation plan based on your needs and learner outcomes, and decide how we can leverage our internal tools to make that happen.

Translation quality starts with us

The quality of your translations are so important to us that we have an in-house Manager of Translator Relations and Quality. He personally sources, reviews, analyzes, and selects every single linguist to join our team. Our translation and localization team includes over 400 linguistic professionals who are native speakers of 150+ languages.

A multi-step translation and localization process with two linguists.

The linguists on your translation team are chosen for your project based on their specific industry expertise. All of our linguists are native speakers of the target language and live in-country, which ensures the most accurate translations possible. They will follow a two-step translation and editing process and once the content is finalized, they will perform a linguistic Q/A to ensure the material is appropriate for global distribution.

Integration with a human touch

It’s important to ensure your translated eLearning materials look final and complete in every language. Because it's common for different cultures and locales to use different terms, phrases, and even symbols to describe the same phrase, you’ll need multilingual desktop publishing to properly format your content.

Our in-house multilingual DTP team assembles your foreign language content so it looks professional and complete for all your learners, no matter their language or locale. In addition, our localization engineers oversee and support a smooth technology process throughout the project’s life cycle.

Linguistic collaboration with your teams all over the world

In-country review is a fantastic option for those with global, native-speaking employees as it gives them the opportunity to suggest company-specific messaging that a linguist may not know of. We’ve developed intellireviewⓇ as a cloud-based platform to promote cross-team collaboration in a secure web environment.

Implementation to prepare the content for global distribution

Once the content has been finalized, our team will work to finalize the content for global distribution. This includes completing any final quality assurance steps as well as testing SCORM compliance for LMS integration if needed.

Without humans, language would be obsolete. That’s why humans are at the center of everything we do, especially our eLearning translation services. For more information on how our translation workflows are created specifically with humans at each touchpoint, get in touch today!


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