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The Importance of Quality Control With Life Science Translations

Life science content is used in a way where there is no margin for error. These content types explain to patients and healthcare providers how to safely use, administer, and prescribe products as intended, and a small error or mistake has significant repercussions.

Translating and localizing these content types bring their own challenges - a wrong word or a misplaced phrase can be a matter of life or death. At Language Intelligence, we understand the importance of minimizing risk, which is why we’ve built layers of quality control within our life science translation services. Our process ensures you receive only the most accurate, precise translations for your global stakeholders.

Quality Assurance VS. Quality Control

Despite being used interchangeably, quality assurance and quality control are two separate components of a larger quality management strategy.

Quality Assurance is a proactive step taken to define the rules and standards when completing a task. QA details the systematic efforts to ensure the final product meets all quality standards.

Quality Control is a reactive step to identify potential non-compliance against the set rules and standards. A quality control team safeguards an organization’s quality standards.

The Specifics of Our Life Science Translation Quality Control Process

When it comes to providing quality life science translation services, our team has created a multi-layered process with a priority on quality control and quality assurance.

Specific Expertise in Translating Life Science Material

Life science content can be difficult to comprehend, let alone translate, if you are not an expert in the area. All of our translators have distinct experience translating life science content, whether that is an IDU or a packing insert. They understand the sometimes complex language that is used when writing this kind of content and have the know-how to translate and localize the material back into their native language.

Additionally, every translator is a native speaker of the target language and lives within the region the content will be distributed.

Certified Translations

We can provide certified translations, completed by a certified translator if required.

A certified translation is a translation accompanied by a signed statement attesting that the translation is accurate and complete to the best of the translator’s ability.

A certified translator is an individual who has passed a certification exam to verify his or her personal translation and linguistic skills in a certain language.

Two-Step Translation and Editing Process

Every life science translation project is worked on by at least two translators per language, both with the experience mentioned above. One will take the first look at the content, and the second translator will complete an editing step.

There are even options to include more quality assurance steps into your process, such as In-Country Review and back translation, if required. Before the project starts, your localization project manager will help create a process that is specifically designed for your needs and goals.

ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System

Language Intelligence has been using a certified Quality Management System since 2009. We have since upgraded our certification to the ISO:9001:2015 standard as proof to our customers how serious translation quality management is to us as a company.

Our team has chosen to adhere to this ISO certification as we believe it is the most comprehensive of all quality control guidelines available within the translation and localization industry. This certificate monitors and demonstrates the control, operation, and effective planning that go into our life science translation services, as well as documenting our continual improvement and process implementation.

We have developed these steps within our life science translation process because quality control and quality assurance are extremely important to us. For more information about our localization and translation quality management system, contact us today.


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